“Saving Our Racks”

“Saving Our Racks” – The attorneys and staff of Rack & Moccia, P.C. are so proud to recognize those who bravely participated in the fund-raising activities of the law firm team in the American Cancer Society’s 2017 “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” campaign. As co-captains, Wanda Parsons and Tania Dilley organized a chili cookoff, hosted a yard sale, created and raffled off multiple themed gift baskets, and participated in the “Making Strides” walk at Mt. Trashmore. Ms. Parsons even made her debut television appearance on WTKR’s “Coast Live,” and you can check out her interview with Chris Reckling here.


The fundraising goal for Saving Our Racks was $3,500, but the enthusiasm generated by the team enabled us to surpass this goal by raising a total of $4,500! We want to thank all who contributed to our team with donations and moral support, and to confirm that all proceeds were sent directly to the Making Strides Campaign to aid in the continued medical research to find the cure for breast cancer.