Estate Tax Exemption More Than Doubles in 2018

Estate Tax Advisory Alert


When the estate tax exemption amount was doubled to $11.2 million beginning this year, the estate planning strategies implemented in many of the trust documents prepared over the last 30 years became unnecessary.  While this tax relief is welcome news, it also presents the challenge to amend and restate those revocable trusts (promptly) which contain terms requiring that Marital and Family Trusts be established for the surviving spouse.

In order to eliminate these mandatory complexities for our clients, we developed the Estate Tax Advisory Initiative¬†as a method of evaluating each client’s circumstances and providing focused and efficient solutions for the preservation of each family legacy.

If your estate plan was designed to address the possibility of an estate tax liability, we recommend clicking on the link above for some further reading to determine whether an amendment to your revocable trust is in order.

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Federal Estate Tax Exemptions 1997 Through 2018