National Estate Planning Awareness Week 2011

In order to help raise awareness about important estate planning issues, Rack & Moccia is joining WealthCounsel in a public relations campaign to showcase National Estate Planning Awareness Week.

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According to a 2010 industry trends survey of estate planners conducted by WealthCounsel, nearly 70% of the respondents indicated that Americans fail to plan because they lack awareness as to why they should plan.  At Rack & Moccia, we are passionate about building awareness of the importance of thoughtful estate planning and we are committed to educating the public about the negative consequences of what can happen to a family when a properly designed estate plan is not in place.

Rack & Moccia will be posting a series of articles addressing selected issues facing the surviving families of several recent – and well-publicized – deaths.  While many people are under the impression that formal “estate planning” is only for the wealthy, frequently, it is the numerous non-tax complications that arise unexpectedly after the death of a loved one that cause the most problems.

These awareness articles will examine the estates of Jimi Hendrix, Anna Nicole Smith, Leona Helmsley and others, address the issues created by faulty (or non-existent) estate plans and provide preventative recommendations on how you can avoid these devastating problems.

We invite you to read these articles, consider the issues and talk to your friends and family about the importance of estate planning to prevent family chaos after death, avoid lengthy and expensive probate, maintain privacy, prevent heirs from mismanaging their inheritance, provide for special needs beneficiaries and preserve assets for generations to come.